Get a .gitignore file for Visual Studio fast with and Powershell

I often use the wonderful service at to grab a .gitignore file suitable for Visual Studio use. Unfortunately, the file has unix line endings – so I’ve boiled the operation down to a single line of Powershell that sorts that out in one go:

  -split "`n" -join "`r`n" | set-content .gitignore

Use Powershell 4 to check file signatures/hashes

I wasted a couple of DVDs this morning trying to burn a corrupted download of SQL Server from MSDN. Finally the light dawned and I decided to check the file hash. MSDN subscriber downloads have the SHA1 hash on the download page. I didn’t have my usual checker installed yet on my new laptop, and in googling I discovered that Powershell 4 can now do this natively!

The command you need is Get-FileHash – MSDN uses SHA1 rather than the default SHA256 of this command so the following will do it:

Get-FileHash <filepath> -Algorithm SHA1